Looking at the big picture of healthcare transformation

In April 2015 we kicked off a series of cartoons illustrating issues around healthcare and analyticsHealthToon: Taking down chronic diseases with advanced analytics brings attention to the pressure healthcare providers are under to reduce readmissions for patients with chronic health conditions. This second cartoon highlights an effort to gain a big picture understanding of how to drive healthcare transformation

The story

Siloed applications made it difficult for Premier healthcare alliance members to connect different data sources and metrics and see the big picture of how to drive healthcare transformation. Serving approximately 2,900 U.S. community hospitals and 100,000 alternate sites, this transformation resulted in a big challenge.

Premier is undertaking a groundbreaking initiative that is expected to help hospitals, doctors and other health providers identify which treatments are well suited for patients. It is implementing a high-performance, integrated warehouse of trusted information that enables its members to analyze data and identify best practices to help improve patient health while safely reducing healthcare costs.

The potential benefits for saving lives, helping people enjoy healthier lifestyles and reducing healthcare costs are staggering. In one Premier project, approximately 330 participating hospitals saved an estimated 92,000 lives while reducing healthcare spending by $9.13 billion since its inception in 2008. It also provided approximately 80,000 additional patients with evidence-based care for the clinical conditions that were assessed.

The takeaway

A leading-edge decision support platform enables member organizations to see the big picture of cost and quality of care to support evidence-based clinical practices. Using comprehensive analysis of clinical, operational and supply chain data from thousands of healthcare organizations, physicians have unprecedented access to best practices and can match patient care protocols with clinical outcomes to help improve patient care.

View the video, and read the full case study to learn more about how Premier healthcare alliance is accomplishing transformation.

Original Source: https://www.ibmbigdatahub.com/blog/healthtoon-looking-big-picture-healthcare-transformation

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